Interior Design

We can create interior design for your whole house or just a single living room, bathroom or bedroom.

Puran Interiors is also happy to help you to decide on new curtains or furniture reupholstery. We can offer a wide range of original artwork for your home.

Puran Interiors design elegant interiors using texture and colour to make spaces which invite and inspire. Every detail is carefully considered with equal emphasis on function and beauty, blending art, furniture and desirable objects alongside bespoke cabinet making, unique lighting and luxury fabrics.

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We specialise in designing an interior to suit a client’s lifestyle by helping them to realise the full potential of their living or work space.

This means not only bringing inspiration through things that look good but also addressing any functional aspects of the interior that need improving, such as layout, storage solutions and lighting.

Using a wide knowledge of fabrics, furniture, finishes and lighting, we can help you to achieve the look you have dreamed of. We can also solve the time-consuming problem of searching for the right furniture and accessories for your space.