We Plan With Purpose. We Work For Results.

As interior designers of repute, we work around an established yet versatile process - one that is time-tested and foolproof. It helps us exercise our creative muscles without losing out on that common touch that is necessary to make a house a home!

step 1| Interior Designing

Conversations & More

Interior Designing. What is it without you, the client? We begin our entire interior designing process by first having a chat with you - it’s a casual one where we look to understand your tastes, preferences, sense of style and overall vision for how you want your home to be. It’s also a point for us to discuss all the options you have to work with. From furniture and lighting to colours and space, every single detail is dwelt on to understand you as a person or a family looking for an outstanding home.

step 2|Interior Designing


This is when we visit your home, it could be a new one or your current one - our goal being to get a feel of the place. Available areas are measured. The space is planned and design comes into the picture. We discuss the whole thing with you. Our casual conversation now starts taking a more structured turn and all concerns are covered. Where does the furniture go? How should this wall look? Where do the focus lights come? How is my kitchen going to look? Such questions and more are what will be addressed and acted upon.

step 3|Interior Designing


Every good product is the result of good manufacturing. There are no two ways about that. Set a few kilometres away from the very heart of Bangalore, our state-of-the-art 4000 sq.ft. factory is where all the action happens. Manufacturing is automated and precision-based. We take pride in the way we approach our manufacturing processes, our competitive strengths being based on consistency and accuracy, while we also tie up with the industry’s best for the same.

step 2|Interior Designing

Project Execution

Picture a group of project-execution experts coming together to fix, check and sign-off on everything that was planned and manufactured just for you. This is where you see your dream home coming together. It’s as good as carving out a diamond that is to be your home. Wardrobes are fitted, furniture is bought in, the ceiling is worked on, the lighting changes… wow, the thrill of it all. We’d be probably just as excited as you are to make and see everything fall in place for your home.

step 5|Interior Designing

The Handover

Ah, the joy of a job done well! Nothing like completing a project successfully. You’re impressed, we’re pleased - the outcome is great. Work all in, we do final checks to ensure that everything is good to go and give you the keys to a home that is so much you. As interior designers, we’re committed to our job which is to focus on striking a fine balance between quite a lot of things: design, architecture, furniture, space and practicality… the pleasure of which is all yours.